Lesbos Yoga classes with teacher Kirsten Slots in Molivos village on Lesbos Island of Greece


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The International Yoga workshop is located in the Pine forest of Molivos/Molyvos village on the Greek Aegean Island of Lesbos. Because its in the open air it will give you a nice breeze during your workshop.

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International Yoga class in Molivos with teachers teachers Kirsten Slots 

Feel free to have a look at Kirsten International workshop Lesvos for more details. 


Weaving together Yoga and Alexander Technique with mindful holiday in Greece

June 29 - July 5 - 2009 (clas starts on Monday June 30)




An opportunity for stillness, mindfulness and conscious awareness of the body mind unity.   

Unwind and recharge on the Greek island of Lesvos. You will stay in the peaceful village Molivos and enjoy outdoor morning sessions with yoga and Alexander Technique. In a pleasant shady pine forest you will be experiencing the peace and serenity of nature while balancing your body, mind and spirit with mindful bodywork.
The rest of the day you are free to explore the beautiful island: Revitalising at the nearby hot springs, enjoying the unspoilt beaches, walking panoramic mountain paths or enjoying excellent food at the local restaurants. During the week we will arrange excursions for those who wish. Wednesday is a whole day off.

Read more and see photos: http://www.yogaworkshop.dk/


Hatha Yoga

We work with simple yoga postures to open, strengthen and relax the body. The yoga classes are totally non-competitive, following the principle that you only work within your own limits of comfort. The yoga teacher will guide the class and the Alexander Technique teacher will help you deepen the postures by gentle 'hands-on' work. Both teachers has more than 20 years of experience with mindful bodywork and will be attending each students individual needs. The session ends with restorative and relaxation practice with meditation and yoga Nidra.


Alexander Technique   

The art of "unlearning". It is a subtle method of releasing body and mind from old habits and attitudes. The technique helps you rediscover a more natural way of moving, enhances awareness and encourages a new sense of coordination, energy and freedom. You will have the opportunity to recognise and "undo" tensions and begin a process of re-educating your body and thinking.


Who can participate   

Yoga holiday with Alexander Technique is suitable for anybody who is interested in a holistic and rejuvenating getaway. Yoga holiday offers the beginner and experienced an opportunity to extend and deepen the practice so you can leave with a renewed sense of wellbeing. The course will be taught in English



You need to arrive in Molivos on Sunday 29th June. The course starts Monday at 10.00 and ends Saturday 5th July. Contact Kirsten for boarding details: Tel   +4532547651  or kirsten@yogaworkshop.dk

Price: 200 € for the course not including meals and boarding.


The Teachers

Kirsten Slots is a certified Yoga teacher who holds yoga and meditation retreats in Denmark, Greece and India. She began her yoga practice in 1984 and started teaching in 1997. Kirsten received her formal training with Aase Kristensen, Denmark and has furthermore studied ayurveda and yoga therapy in India. Over the years she has integrated this knowledge and experience into her teaching. She enjoys nurturing and assisting people in self-discovery, helping them gain awareness about their connection to their body, mind and spirit.



Yoga Workshop Schedule 2009

Classes always starts and stops on a Sunday


Month Class Start End
May Danish 17-05 31-05
June Danish 01-06 07-06
June International class 29-06 05-07
July Danish   05-07 
August Danish 16-08 31-08
September Danish 01-09 06-09



Lesbos Yoga classes With teacher Kirsten Slots in Molivos village on Lesbos Island of Greece