Lesbos - Holiday Workshop Greek Dancing with the famous Manolis Iskis on Lesbos Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece

Who is Manolis Iskis

Manolis is born on Lesbos one of the Islands in the Aegean sea of Greece.

Manolis is a charismatic professional dancer, full of passion and a teacher with lots of humour. He is a combination of a raw voice and a warm hart.

Most people might be frightened of his expressive volume during the lessons, but that’s just his typical Greek way of behaviour, he loves you and you will love him trust me..! Manolis is very straight forward and 'what you see, is what you get' is his live sentence. A stubborn old Greek is just what he is. He is living in Holland at the moment even learning some Dutch... but he is telling 'siga, siga' (let’s take it slow). His English is perfect although! and knows exactly how to explain in a simple way how to dance. His own performances are always very lively and full of passion. Manolis knows like no body else how to live life (professionally) and how celebrate live.


Lesbos greek dancing  dance.jpg  Lesbos dancing workshop


Holiday on Lesbos the AegeanGreekIsland of Greece where you can have your holiday with a Greek Dancing Workshop and stay in the Nassosguesthouse.
This summer (July 2010) Manolis is starting his own Greek dancing workshop in cooperation with Nassosguesthouse where you can sign up or just can join one class to see if you like it, anything is possible with Manolis. 

These are the follow options for the Greek dancing workshop by your famous professional Greek teacher Manolis Iskis.



  • Greek Dancing Holiday Workshop  only for people who speak Dutch. Look here for the Dutch website 
  • International Greek Dancing Holiday Workshop for people who can speak English to book or ask information about the International Dancing Workshop Lesbos you can mail at francisca@iskisdancing.nl Francisca speaks Dutch and English.
  • Kid’s entertainment where your child will be having fun learning Greek dancing as Manolis adores children. He is very good with children and knows exactly how to teach them, they will have fun!!

To book or ask information about the International Holiday Greek Dancing Workshop Lesbos contact us  



Manolis is a real showman as his second nature is to entertain people with his wonderful dance. Seeing Manolis dancing makes you feel to just give in and feel the passion of is performance.
Manolis has worked with several famous artists and knows exactly what it needs for a professional performance like musicians, sound and light and stage directors.
Since he moved to Holland he has preformed during Sail, Amsterdamse gemeente day and several cultural festivals.
He was live on TV with Let’s dance and several other programs.


Lesbos - Holiday Workshop Greek Dancing with the famous Manolis Iskis on Lesbos Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece