Lesvos Thermal Springs on Aegean island of Greeece

Thermal Springs

Lesvos is a volcanic island, although there are no volcanoes now. There is however still geothermal activity, which gives rise to the existence of thermal springs. The mineral water from these springs is reputed to have many beneficial healing powers, particularly for those suffering with conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. They are also good to ease many general aches and pains and are generally good for the skin.

For many years the thermal baths were neglected and were mainly used only by locals. Recently however there has been an increase in interest in the beneficial effects of the waters and the facilities have been improved.

The normal procedure for using the springs is to first take a cold shower, or dip in the sea, and then lower yourself slowly into the hot spring bath. When you have taken as much heat as you can tolerate, you slowly ease out of the water and rest to avoid dizziness. You then have another cold shower or dip in the sea and repeat the process for about 45 minutes, ending with a cold shower.

For some beautiful photos of the spring baths on the island and more information about the springs, see 'The Sacred Water - The Mineral Springs of Lesvos' by Jelly Hadjidimitrou.


Thermi is a few kilometres up the east coat from Mytiline. There is a beautiful old springs hotel (The Sarlitza), which unfortunately is now in ruins. The baths are now actually in a more modest modern building nearby. The temperature of the springs is 46.9° C.


The Geras or Thermas springs are situated on the road from Mytilene to Kalloni. They are the largest baths on the island and are divided into male and female sections. The temperature of the springs is 39.7° C.

Polichnitos & Lisvori

The Polichnitos springs are situated near the town of the same name, which is close to Vatera. The temperature of the springs is 81.4° C.

The Lisvori springs are just to the north of the Polichnitos springs. The temperature of the springs is 69.0° C.


The Eftalou springs are at the start of Eftalou beach, which is about 5kms from Molyvos. As such, they are the most accessible for visitors to the island. There is a public bath and also modern private two person baths. The temperature of the springs is 46.5° C.