Some use full links to make your holidays comfortable

Through these links we hope to provide you some use full information for your Greek hollidays on Lesbos, Island of Greece.


Lesvos Map

Lesvos Map


The panel below displays the current weather in Mytilini, the capital of Lesvos. Click on it to get lots of additional information from the Weather Underground site.

You can also click here for the 5 day BBC weather forecast.

The following chart displays the average, average high and average low temperature in Celsius for each month of the year.


The Greek currency is the Euro. There are many tourist agencies and exchange offices in the main tourist centres, where you can change money and travellers cheques. Check the rates and also the commission they charge. You can also change money and travellers cheques at banks and post offices.

There are quite a few ATMs (Cash Dispensers) in the main towns, where you can use Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards. These have displays which work in all the major European languages.

Credit Cards

Greece is still quite a cash economy and a lot of establishments prefer to be paid in cash. However, quite a lot of the shops, particularly in the tourist areas and in Mytilene accept the major credit cards. A few restaurants will as well, although check with the owners before you sit down. Remember also that on small transactions you will not get a very good rate from your card provider.


There are many card telephone booths on the island and you can buy the phone cards at kiosks and mini markets. If you don't have a locked mobile phone, you can also buy a SIM card for it, with your very own Greek telephone number!


The doctors seem to be generally quite good. You can theoretically use a form E111, if you're an EU citizen, but if you do have to consult a doctor, the rates are quite good.


There are good dentists in Mytilene, Kalloni, Petra and Molyvos. As with doctors, they don't charge heavily for their services.


As in a lot of Mediterranean countries, the pharmacies in Greece are very good and the pharmacist will be able to help you with many minor problems, such as stomach upsets and mosquito bites.