Lesbos carrental Company on Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece

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Category Car rental Company 
Company name Kosmos rent a car
Located Molivos/Molyvos
Region All over Lesbos
Kosmos rent a car
type scooters, cars/jeeps/mini busses, motors
Spoken language(s) Greek, English
Phone office +302253071710  mobile +306945498514
E-mail info@lesvosrentals.com   kosmos@hol.gr


Lesbos rent a car Kosmos  Lesbos car rental Company Kosmos  Lesvos car rental Company  Suzuki jeep.bmp


Kosmos rental cars is located next to the National Bank Greece / Tourist office at the beginning of Molivos village



This car rental Company is one of the biggest car-hire Companies of Greece and well known for its good quality and services.

Kosmos ren a car offers scooters, motors, cars/jeeps and mini vans/busses (6/9) people.

You can arrange to have your car be waiting at the Airport/harbour and you can leave it there on your last day if you want to.

The Nassos guesthouse can recommend this Company because we have done business with this Company since 2000. They will always  give you the best service available.

With this link you can make a request/booking



Open 7 days a week 24 hour service

If you like to book online, just look at their website

Air-conditioning / heatingyes   
category carsall   
Baby seatyes   
Credit cards accepted yes   
Airport / harbour service yes   





Lesbos car rental Company on Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece